Classic City Connect website mockup


This Bojangles franchise includes locations across the Southeast. Their mission is to create a positive environment for their customers and employees through servant leadership, with a vision to support solidarity within their communities.

For Bojangles, our mission was clear: to serve up a delectable online experience that celebrated both the catering prowess and career opportunities that Bojangles offers.

We knew that Bojangles’ catering deserved a spotlight of its own. So, we crafted a website that not only showcased their mouthwatering catering options but also made it easy for customers to explore the possibilities for their next event with our Bojangles Location Finder.

But our focus extended beyond food. Bojangles is not just about delicious chicken—it’s also a place where careers take flight. We dedicated a special section to highlight the diverse career opportunities available within the Bojangles franchise group. Aspiring candidates can now easily navigate through job listings and discover how to apply, ensuring that Bojangles remains a prime destination for talent.

Check out Bojangles’ website here!